APC PowerChute Network Shutdown is Certified Nutanix Ready Core – Management & Operations

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This guest post was authored by Sarah Jane Hannon, Product Line Manager Schneider Electric
Nutanix Ready identifies recommended applications and solutions that are trusted to enhance the Nutanix delivery infrastructure. As part of the Nutanix Ready program, APC by Schneider Electric has been awarded “Nutanix Ready Core – Management & Operations” certification for its power protection software; PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2. All products featured in Nutanix Ready have completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. This certification has been awarded for both the ESXi and Hyper-V hypervisor platforms.
APC PowerChute Network Shutdown software protects your Nutanix platform from threats to IT availability when protected by an APC UPS. The software provides network-based, graceful, unattended shutdown protecting data integrity and reducing system downtime when critical events such as extended power outages occur. When power availability is threatened, PowerChute supports virtual machine migration as well as graceful shutdown for both virtual machines and hosts. All events are logged in the PowerChute log in case further analysis is needed. PowerChute Network Shutdown can be downloaded free from the APC web site.
The software is easily configurable via a web browser interface and supports multiple UPS configurations depending on your power requirements. For example, if using a Redundant UPS configuration; PowerChute recognizes that two UPS’s are configured to support the Nutanix load and will only shut down your virtual machines once both power supplies are impacted.
APC’s PowerChute Network Shutdown software can be configured to protect your valuable data and infrastructure from an aging national power transmission grid, adverse weather and other factors that combine to continually threaten your business IT assets and availability.
Leveraging its robust alliances and partner ecosystem, Nutanix Ready showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Nutanix Ready demonstrates current mutual product compatibility, continued industry relationships, and interoperability. Protecting your Nutanix solution from adverse power events with your APC UPS and PowerChute Network Shutdown will give you the peace of mind you need in an always-on world where power availability is crucial to your company’s success.
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I am searching info about the certification with Acropolis. Are there any info about the roadmap?

Thank you and Regards
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We at APC are certifing PowerChute on Acropolis. Will let you know details!
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Seeing requirements now for AHV integration, so any updates on development progress would be appreciated