Announcement - Sureline Systems is now Nutanix Ready for Backup and Disaster Recovery on vSphere

Announcement - Sureline Systems is now Nutanix Ready for Backup and Disaster Recovery on vSphere
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The Nutanix Elevate Team is pleased to announce that Sureline Systems is now Nutanix Ready for Backup and Disaster Recovery on vSphere, and on-Boarding to Nutanix from any platform. As part of Nutanix's Elevate Program for Technology Alliance Partners, Sureline Systems is actively enhancing the ecosystem of supported solutions running on Nutanix and delivering added value to customers.

About Sureline Systems

Sureline is leading the way with a complete, easy to deploy Application Mobility solution that is flexible, provides the highest quality Recovery Points, replicates them remotely for safety, delivers zero data loss failover/failback, enables the ability to test DR plans easily and frequently, all without locking the customer to a specific Cloud.

Sureline's flagship product, SUREedge, is a proven enterprise-class software appliance for Application Mobility, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in enterprise applications. Unique capabilities in the SUREedge®️ platform include a planner driven multi-tier application mobility, instant and automatic failover, an agentless architecture, application consistent image and incremental snapshots, and zero data loss recovery points, global deduplication, WAN throttling and bandwidth friendly dedupe replication. The solution is easy to deploy, highly scalable, hardware and hypervisor agnostic and supports physical and virtual servers locally, in remote datacenters, and in private, public or hybrid clouds.

With the release of SUREedge 4.1, Sureline now provides support for onboarding and DR in vSphere environments on Nutanix, from any VM or physical system. SUREedge removes the complexity of large scale onboarding and DR with a simplified process for capture, transformation and recovery on Nutanix.

About Nutanix Ready

Nutanix Ready identifies recommended applications and solutions that are trusted to enhance the Nutanix infrastructure platform. All products featured in Nutanix Ready have completed verification testing, thereby providing confidence in joint solution compatibility. Leveraging its industry leading alliances and partner eco-system, Nutanix Ready showcases select trusted solutions designed to meet a variety of business needs. Nutanix Ready demonstrates current mutual product compatibility, continued industry relationships and interoperability.

Stay tuned for more new and exciting updates & content involving our Elevate partners!

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