An IT Cinderella Story: Lippert finds the perfect fit with Zerto & Nutanix

  • 29 September 2016
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An IT Cinderella Story: Lippert finds the perfect fit with Zerto & Nutanix
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Once upon a time, in the far away land of Indiana, Rich Kocielko, an IT manager at Lippert Components was experiencing 15 minute RPOs using SAN-SAN replication. Knowing these results were not acceptable by modern IT standards, he knew he had to search far and wide for something better – a solution to bring IT Resiliency to his data center and confidence to all who relied on it.

Lippert launched upon the daunting quest for a new disaster recovery solution to keep its billion-dollar business up and running 24x7. Kocielko began evaluating DR solutions, but none quite seemed to be a fit. Each platform they tried couldn’t meet their SLAs, didn’t have journals, or wasn’t scalable enough to meet their enterprise IT needs.

As luck would have it, one day at VMworld, Lippert was introduced to Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR). To his delight ZVR provided Lippert with the lighting fast RPOs and RTOs they needed, the simplicity they desired, and the performance they had been seeking.

Alas, there was still something missing. Kocielko was also responsible for Lippert’s infrastructure and found the management of servers, networking and storage to be daunting. After seeing how simple Zerto was, Kocielko was hopeful he could extend this simplicity to the infrastructure. Enter Nutanix. Nutanix on Dell XC allowed Kocielko to consolidate Lippert’s infrastructure and work seamlessly with Zerto. Finally, he had found his perfect fit. The journey to find a resilient IT solution was complete!

"When we saw the simplicity of Zerto (Virtual Replication), we hoped we could extend that to the infrastructure itself. With Nutanix, instead of buying from three vendors, we bought from one. It is much easier to manage one unit versus three separate pieces. We were so pleased to extend simplicity to the infrastructure." said Kocielko.

To this day, Zerto and Nutanix are still working harmoniously, giving Kocielko a happily ever after including a reduction of system maintenance by 30% per week.

To learn more about this IT fairytale, read the whole case study here.

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