All-Flash Platforms for All Entry Points

  • 5 October 2017
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All-Flash Platforms for All Entry Points
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This post was authored by Andy Daniel, Nutanix Sr Technical Marketing Engineer

The use of flash storage is not unique to Nutanix solutions. Rapidly improving storage technologies and architectures based on flash are enabling an industry-wide shift to this media. As flash becomes increasingly dense and price per-GB reaches parity with traditional HDD, all but niche cold storage solutions are likely to transition away from spinning media entirely. All-flash models are available across every Nutanix platform, each one able to seamlessly scale-out, adding cluster capacity and performance linearly, without controller bottlenecks or scalability constraints.

With the recent addition of partially populated all-flash NX-3060-G5 models to the lineup, customers can now migrate to all-flash more easily than ever. When capacity requirements are low, or I/O performance requirements can be met with a smaller number of higher density drives, two or four SSDs can be selected with the capability to scale-up drive count as requirements change in the future. Paired with the seamless ability to scale-out nodes, and the ability to combine all-flash and hybrid nodes within the same cluster, Nutanix can meet all capacity and I/O performance requirements in the most efficient manner.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is the ideal platform for running clusters of mixed workload types, such as latency sensitive applications like OLTP databases and virtual desktops, long running applications such as OLAP or DSS database servers, and less demanding workloads. By keeping data physically close to applications with Data Locality, Nutanix offers uncompromised all-flash performance by utilizing flash to its fullest potential, something not possible with legacy three-tier infrastructure.

The NX-3060-G5 all-flash appliance can be configured to order with two or four SSDs, of 960GB, 1.92TB or 3.84TB sizes.

By mixing hybrid nodes of flash and traditional disks, together with all-flash nodes, and now partially populated all-flash nodes, IT organizations can easily re-platform their datacenters through a simple, scalable, architecture while minimizing infrastructure silos and complexity.

Further details on the Nutanix’s NX appliance specifications can be found on the appliance spec sheet here, or by talking with a Nutanix sales representative.

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