10 Things to Know About Nutanix Remote and Branch Office Solutions

  • 14 March 2017
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10 Things to Know About Nutanix Remote and Branch Office Solutions
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This post was authored by Rachna Srivastava, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager at Nutanix

Next in our top 10 series is Nutanix solutions for Remote and Branch Offices (ROBO), where we will introduce you to the 10 most important features, capabilities, and benefits of our solutions for ROBO.ROBO environments must be dynamic to keep pace with changing and growing business requirements. However, remote and branch offices are often left on the sidelines due to lack of adequate staffing or funding.

This can be an issue as ROBO may be running mission critical applications. As an example, companies that have warehouses and distribution facilities globally may use applications that run on databases that process thousands of transactions.Such applications must be run locally for performance reasons, and IT must be able to accommodate high availability and future growth for these locations while keeping costs in check.

Most IT organizations are constantly grappling with keeping pace with growth while reducing costs to operate a growing number of ROBO locations.Designed to deliver simplicity, agility, and scale to your ROBOs, Nutanix offers the Enterprise Cloud Platform to address common challenges around cost, limited IT staff, and manageability of backup solutions. By dramatically simplifying the infrastructure needed to run a ROBO, Nutanix completely changes the economics of onsite infrastructure at the ROBO location. You can learn more about our solution here.Here are ten interesting features of Nutanix ROBO solutions that you will find useful:

1. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform NX-1000 series is purpose-built for space constrained ROBO environments in a 2U form-factor with the same set of software capabilities as the rest of Nutanix portfolio such as choice of virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V, AHV), network visualization, file and block services, security capabilities and enterprise-class storage capabilities. Our customers are able to enjoy a consistent experience whether they are at the ROBO location or at the main office.

2. The Nutanix ROBO solutions provide the same rich enterprise storage features as the Enterprise Cloud Platform such as intelligent tiering, deduplication, erasure coding, compression, and distributed self-healing.

3. The Nutanix ROBO solutions are supported on a variety of hardware platforms, giving our customers choice and flexibility, including the NX series, Dell XC series, Lenovo HX series, and the Cisco UCS platform.

4. The integrated Nutanix AHV hypervisor is supported throughout the portfolio. Moreover, the NX-1000 series also supports a mixed hypervisor environment with two nodes running VMware vSphere and the third node running AHV. The biggest benefit is the savings on hypervisor licensing fees that can easily add up over tens to hundreds of ROBO sites.

5. Customers now have a choice when they are formulating a strategy for backup – over the WAN they can backup to a central site via Nutanix Cloud Connect to AWS or Microsoft Azure. On-premise – within the primary cluster, the Nutanix ROBO solution offers integrated backup in the form of the TimeStream feature, which enables on-cluster restores, particularly useful in the event of a software misconfiguration or virus attack. There is no need to purchase a dedicated 3rd party backup for ROBO.

6. The NX-1155-G5 model is a local 1-node replication target for Nutanix native snapshots.This means that customers no longer need another 3-node solution to manage backups. Moreover, the 1-node replication target runs on AHV, eliminating recurring licensing fees, all within the local ROBO location. The NX-1155-G5 provides a little over 40TB raw capacity with 2 SSDs and multiple HDDs. Even with 1 node, data resiliency is maintained, by replicating amongst different drive tiers.

7. Mix and match different types of nodes including capacity nodes from our heavy NX-6000 series to get the right mix of efficiency and storage capacity. Along with Nutanix Acropolis File Services, this functionality eliminates the need for separate file services for high-capacity file storage.

8 Global deduplication offers a unique way to conserve expensive WAN bandwidth for backups over the WAN links. For sites that are geographically dispersed, our global deduplication functionality ensures that the same data block sets at different ROBO sites will not be sent over the WAN twice.

9. Nutanix Prism centrally manages hundreds of ROBO sites, both the primary cluster and data protection policies, with a single management pane. With capabilities like one-click operations, actionable insights and capacity planning, all available from a central location, our customers can manage ROBO operations with little to no IT on-site.

10. Nutanix Prism also delivers search functionality demonstrated in this video which simplifies the process of identifying clusters, VMs and functions without having to wade through numerous menus or screens.

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