What if things go bad? DR options for my Hyper-V cluster

  • 6 April 2020
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Whether your environment has grown enough to be ready to have a DR site or the scale of operations can no longer tolerate the loss of the site or maybe even a single application, the first question is “What are the options?”. And that is what we will talk about in this post.


Starting with AOS 5.10 Metro Availability is supported on Hyper-V. 

Metro Availability is the solution if you are looking for minimal RPO and are preparing for a full scope DR scenario.

Prism Web Console Guide v5.16: Data Protection


The next in line would be Async DR which is a scheduled based snapshots replications essentially.

Both MA and Async DR require a physical cluster. Since single-node clusters are not supported at this point with Hyper-V it would have to be at least a 3 nodes block.

Prism Web Console Guide v5.16: Configuring a Remote Site (Physical Cluster)


What if you are not ready to invest in hardware and be bothered with its maintenance? There are more options such as leveraging the mighty private cloud. Replicate to AWS or Azure with Nutanix Cloud Connect feature. This would not be a DR solution, strictly speaking. Nonetheless, This will give you an off-site recovery option.

Data Protection and Recovery with Prism Element v5.16: Asynchronous Replication with Cloud Connect (On-Premises to Cloud)

Prism Web Console Guide v5.16: Asynchronous Replication with Cloud Connect (On-Premises to Cloud)


Lastly, Nutanix supports integration with 3rd party backup solutions, such as Veeam, CommVault, etc.:

Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 

Commvault with Nutanix 

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