What Happens When Restoring Protection Domain Entities with Volume Groups

  • 18 November 2020
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When performing a restoration of a VM with a volume group on a different cluster, changes are made to the guest OS in order to connect to the restored volume group.

Since the primary site’s data services IP address will no longer be valid, the guest OS will connect to the volume groups using the secondary site’s data services IP address. Also, all other SCSI target IP addresses on the guest OS will be removed.

Another change that occurs is the IQN of the VM. When the volume group is restored, the IQN is updated with the timestamp of when the volume group was recovered. This allows for multiple restorations of the volume group if necessary. Therefore, the IQN needs to be changed in the guest OS iSCSI configuration as well. The Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) CD is mounted on the VM to facilitate this iSCSI configuration change so that no manual changes are required.

More information about the above restoration process can be found in the Support Portal here.

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