What are you using to backup Acropolis VMs?

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We are moving away from VMware over to Acropolis and I was wondering what others have been using to backup their VMs under Acropolis, 3rd party wise?

Under VMware, we had been using Veeam, but this is no longer a choice.

Any comments/suggestions would be helpful.

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You can take a look at HYCU from Comtrade Software. It was launched recently and supports AHV.
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Hi Izy,
Thanks for the response.
I am actually in talks with them now.
Looks like a nice easy solution.
Also talking to Rubrick who have a similar solution. rubrik
Hi Icebun,

There was only option until recently - CommVault

Last week Rubrik announced Alta that now supports AHV - we have just ordered one Brik.

The problem is Rubrik isn't cheap but it is amazing. The cool thing is with Nutanix guest tools
there's no VM stun when performing a backup, which is useful for backup during production hours.



Thankfully, Veeam is getting on board with full support for Acropolis. A quick search will show you lots of reports of this, but the details are fuzzy. Not clear yet exactly when or which of Veeam's products will have the support. I've seen that it is expected this year and definitly part of the Veeam Availability Platform.
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The word is on the street that Veeam will have AHV support in Veeam Availability Suite v10, due Q1/2018.
We use Hycu and it is brilliant.