What are you using for backup Nutanix?

  • 2 October 2017
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I agree with jtempleton, Rubrik is a good companion to Nutanix and will be for backing up very soon.
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No backup software supports backing up AFS.

In this blog post AFS Adds New Capabilities Through An Expanding Partner Ecosystem it states "Nutanix has started working with Comtrade and Rubrik to add support for these API’s, with active discussions with other vendors."

It seems that Comrade and Rubrik will be the first to market using native API's for AFS backup.
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An additional option I didn't see posted yet is Rubrik. It's way more than just a basic backup utility and is integrated with AHV and vSphere. More info on Rubrik and AHV here https://www.rubrik.com/blog/data-management-nutanix-ahv/
When looking at backup/DR software, remember to consider the functionality you already have built into the Nutanix software. Features like snapshots, remote replication, self-service restore and one click recovery are all in there. https://www.nutanix.com/solutions/data-protection-disaster-recovery/
Whatever tool you choose, remember to test the recovery plan 🙂
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We currently use Veeam but are going to move to Hycu
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We have some customers using Commvault. I like HYCU too, but until this moment we do not have customers in Brazill using this solution.
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Commvault ;)

You can download a 30-day trial. Its agentless backup and recovery for VMware, Hyper-V or AHV in the Nutanix, context, plus plenty of enterprise apps with agents or even agentless backup of Azure, Amazon, Oracle etc.
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We're using Veeam
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You should definitely give try for HYCU at https://www.comtradesoftware.com/data-protection/hycu-for-nutanix/ have a look at https://farhanparkar.wordpress.com/2017/07/05/hycu-up-and-running-in-15-minutes/


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As we are migrating from esxi to AHV (2 different clusters) we have license for 70 VEEAM servers. We are using the paid veeam agent with 30 day trial license, and will renew that until VEEAM is ready for AHV integration.