• 5 November 2015
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Is anyone utilizing Unitrends as a backup solution? I was looking at their appliance offering with cloud offloading since they do not charge for recovery. I also have a 3 node Nutanix block running VMWare 6, but still have a few physical servers that will remain physical for a little while longer. Thanks for any feedback.

4 replies

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We are! At this point we're only using agent-based backups. We're also using Acropolis rather than esxi too, so that may make a difference in what we're able to do.
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+1 for Unitrends and AHV Hypervisor support.
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cc MarkNijmeijer
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I'm in (early stages of) conversation with Unitrends about developing tight integration between them and our backup APIs. Hopefully we'll have more news around this later this year.