Unable to add VM's to Protection Domain

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New to Nutanix. I'm trying to add VM's to a protection domain via the webconsole, but some VM's I want to add aren't showing up. What's interesting is on the VM sumary page in Prism shows I have 66 VM's, but vCenter shows 81. Is there an easy explanation for this?

I am on Esx 5.5 and AOS 4.5.2


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How many nodes do you have in the cluster? You might have the Cvm's excluded.Are the VM's you are trying to add to the PD already in an a different PD?
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Appreciate the quick reply!

3 nodes and there's no correlation between the hosts they are on, datastores, etc, nothing obvious at least that stands out.

I've tried both adding to an existing and adding a new PD without success. Another interesting thing I notice is I currently have 3 PD's set up with a total of 19 VM's. If I add a new PD my list of available unprotected VM's to add totals 39. 39+19 = 58 which is 8 less that the VM summary tab shows.

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Hi kevinbromhead

What do the VMs show for "Backup and Recovery Capable" from the VM view in Prism?

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Thanks for the respnse Mike.

All VM's show "Yes" for Backup and Recovery Capable. It only sees 63 VMs (the 3 CVM's are excluded) total here as well.
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Experiencing very similar issue. Was there ever a fix for this issue? I am running NOS 5.1.4.

Thank you in advance.