Two Common Questions on Protection Domain names

  • 10 March 2020
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Is it ok to create protection domains on two different clusters with the same name with remote sites enabled on both clusters but PD is only setup with local snapshots only?



It is possible to have a protection domain with the same name as the remote site protection domain as long as they are not configured to sync with each other and it is only a local protection domain. It is also possible to configure "active" schedules for that protection domain and retain the snapshots in the local cluster.



Can a Protection Domain be renamed once configured and has entities and snapshots associated with it?



There is a workaround available which is to create a new Protection Domain with this procedure:


  1. Create a new Protection Domain with the desired name and schedule.
  2. Remove all protected VMs from the old Protection Domain. Make a note of existing consistency groups.
  3. Add the VMs to the newly created Protection Domain, reconfigure consistency groups as they were in the old Protection Domain.
  4. Ensure that replication is working for the newly created Protection Domain.
  5. Delete the old Protection Domain.

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