Self Service Restore portal hangs

  • 29 March 2017
  • 2 replies

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When I load the SSR portal through the desktop shortcut, or by browsing to locahost:5000 within a second or two the browser chokes and becomes unresponsive.

I thought it may be related to the background animation, does anyone experience this also?

Is there a way to disable the animation in the SSR portal page?

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2 replies

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I agree, the Prism UI settings provide an option to disable the UI animation, but the SSR page does not. Does anyone know if a switch that can set the "Freeze" to constant?
I'm sure that's a bug exist in AHV with web console.
After changing my laptop from HDD to SSD, this issue is not happening again.

If you use Prism web console to visit youtube or other animations,
the guest VM will auto detect as hang and auto start at another host.