Rubrick Vs. CommVault Vs. ComTrade

We are narrowing down our recovery options for our new Nutanix build out. Our rep called out Rubrick, CommVault, and ComTrade as the best options. We are already a CommVault shop for our standard server builds. I have heard of Rubrick and have them coming in next week to present. ComTrade seems to be new, but has a compelling story on their website? Any thoughts or recommendations between the three would be greatly appriciated.

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We currently use Veeam and evaulated Rubrik, Hycu and Commvault. We decided to move to Hycu, as it is a single vm, is easy to setup, does everything we require. It is also the first product to market that is written from the ground up using the Nutanix API's for the Nutanix platform. We didnt like the Rubrik solution as it still relies on physical devices as part of their solution and felt that Commvault was over complicated and had shoehorned Nutanix into their platform using their existing technology.

ComTrade the owners of Hycu have been writing and maintaing backup software for several well known multinational IT vendors, this is the first product they have marketed under their own name. They can offer 24 x 7 support as they currently provide this for other well known multinational IT vendors. The reason I mention this is they have been writing and supporting backup software for many years, although none of us have probably heard of them before Hycu.

Veeam have recently announced support for Nutanix but we believe that Hycu is still the better solution.

None of the backup vendors can backup AFS. In this blog AFS Adds New Capabilities Through An Expanding Partner Ecosystem it states that "Nutanix has started working with Comtrade and Rubrik to add support for these API’s, with active discussions with other vendors." If you need AFS backup then it seems that ComTrade and Hycu are your only 2 options in the near future.
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nice write up jtempleton. We replaced in-guest avamar agents with Rubrik and as Rubrik continues to integrate with Nutanix on vSphere and AHV this seems like a good solution. Others are undoubtedly good as well and as it often does, it comes down to business requirements and which solution checks most of the boxes.
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does it rubrik comes as a software only instead of appliance ?
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Rubrik does have an option to run a a virtual appliance. See this link and check out the "Edge"