• 23 October 2018
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Without a backup solution, am I able to restore a vm on AHV using the built in RF?

2 replies

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RF is not a backup solution, you cannot restore a VM from the "RF, other replica of your data" as it is a synced copy of your current VM.
so if you want another point-in-time version of the current VM , then no way to do that without backup or snapshots.
but if you are talking about loosing the current VM "due to Host/Disk loss" then you do not need to backup/restore as the the replicated copy will be accessible immediately "if you have DRS enabled it will be restarted automatically" with the data read from remote locations and writing to the new host of the VM.
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You would want to use the built-in protection domains to perform storage level snapshots of your virtual machines. You can define a schedule, a remote site to replicate to, and the snapshots will only contain the delta information. You can define application consistent snapshots as well. I would highly recommend working with support of reading through documentation if there are any other questions.