orphaned VMs after protection domain replication

  • 16 April 2018
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We have been using the protection domains in prism on both our AHV and our ESXi backed clusters with great success. Migration events are mostly seamless and DR type events work well also.

However, one minor snag we hit in the vmware environments is orphaned VMs. When moving from one place to the next, the old place keeps an orphan in inventory. When we do this in the same vcenter or in joined vcenters, this has the effect of forcing new MACs and UUID numbers to be generated.

So far, this hasn't been a problem for us, infact when we fail back the orphan seems to ease that process by holding the original MACs and UUID. Still, it's a touch messy.

I wanted to ask the community: how have you dealt with this in your environments? is anyone running slick powercli code to work around this issue? or perhaps there is a native way in nutanix to run remove from inventory actions on the orphans before bringing in the new systems? any other clever solutions or thoughts out there?

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