One CVM reboot and all VM go down

  • 21 June 2018
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I have a situation this morning. My cluster has 03 nodes (A,B,C)

This morning I have an alert email
Critical : CVM A has been rebooted on Wed Jun 20 08:43:00 2018.
Impact : During the time the Controller VM is down, cluster compute and storage capacity are reduced.
Cause : Cvm is rebooted.
Resolution : Check cvm status.

And all VMs on host B reboot, therefore, I already set affinity on another 02 hosts.

I checked on a cluster and the this is a warning:
Host B appears to have failed. High Availability is restarting VMs on hosts throughout the cluster.

Why the CVM on host A reboot and all VMs on host B reboot after that. I lost all my connections to my servers. This morning was crazy 🙂.

Any ideas?


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