Nutanix SMB Volume Veeam VSS

  • 26 October 2018
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I recently have a problem that i cannot find any documentation on. We have Hyper V connected to Nutanix Storage, all vhd and vhdxs are stored on the SMB share.

Veeam suddenly started throwing the below error when backing up all VMs as pary of the job. As it stands back ups are in a critical state - all advice apreciated.

Hyperv cluster 2012r2 hosts

Recently upgraded domain FL to 2016
Kerberos not configured for Nutanix

Error for all Vms as follows ;

Retrying snapshot creation attempt (Failed to add volume [\\******-NTNX01\******-***01\] to the VSS snapshot set
Shadow copying the specified volume is not supported.
--tr:Failed to add volumes to the snapshot set.
--tr:Failed to perform pre-backup tasks.

Veeam logged in also did diskshadow on single vm it also failed becase of the Nutanix volume error

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