Nutanix, OpenStack and VMs with Volume Groups backup

  • 6 May 2019
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Hi all,
we are trying to solve a problem related to VMs attached to Volume Groups (VG):

Our Nutanix infrastructure at the moment is composed of 2 clusters based on AOS/AHY and cross-replicated using the native protection domains as DR.

Excluding other "standard VM services", we can say that the first cluster contain the OpenStack infrastructure (Database(s), Keystone, Horizon, etc.) and with the Nutanix OpenStack drivers we use the second cluster to generate the OpenStack VMs.

Right now we haven´t still found a software solution that have VG support and we discovered this problem on a POC with Cohesity. Then we started contacting other Backup companies but for the moment we got negative answer from support of vProtect (Storware/Catalogic) and Veeam.

Cohesity, Veeam and vProtect are nice products but we need a solution compatible with Volume Groups.

Any suggestion?

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7 replies

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Is there any specific reason you're not using Nutanix native backups?

As much as it pains me to recommend, I'd look at Oracle solutions for volume groups. They likely have something, if you can handle the price tag.

Commvault should be able to perform these backups as well. Again, if you're willing to pay the price tag.
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Hi @ddubuque
thanks for your answer.
Right now we are using native backups (If you mean "Data Protection") and we have local and cross-cluster snapshots (DR).

The requirement comes from one issue we had some months ago: when we updated AOS from 5.1.3 to 5.6.2 we had a big issue (related to undocumented uuid changes) and we did spent a lot time to recover both Nutanix/OpenStack VMs and our management and customers didn´t like that. (...)

The idea is to have a solution that can allow a more flexible backup/restore system before to start the next update.
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Maybe i have missed something!?!

Today´s test: if I create a VM attched to volume group(s) i cannot create a snapshot (the prism message: "the saved snapshot config will not contain volume group information" doesn´t leave much space to imagination), but...

If I use Data Protection / Async DR I can create multiple snapshots on local cluster, replicate them to one or more remote cluster, restore the VM with the same name or a different one.

Why must be so difficult to save my snapshots?

( be continued...)
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At the end Cohesity didn´t solve our problem. HYCU seems to be a good solution that meet Nutanix backup and archiviation requirement but have no agents for bare metal.

After some tests our management decided to wait for the market evolution and moved us to other activities and we will restart with backup product analysis after the summer.

in the meanwhile seems that data protection solution offer is growing
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Hi Piero. What do you mean by HYCU not having agents for bare metal?
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Hi @Makio,
thanks for the question because my post was not accurate....

I´m in contact with Hycu and seems that -HYCU Backup and Recovery for Nutanix- is the perfect software for Nutanix (latest new nice feature I discovered is the LTO5 support for long term backup archives)

But our management asked also for agent support for other Linux/Windows bare metal units external to Nutanix clusters.

Then I asked Hycu and they told me that:

from HYCU 4.0 can now backup physical Windows servers. The physical servers are backed up in similarly to VMs.
HYCU can restore files from physical machine backups.
It does not have the option to bare metal disaster recovery, however it can restore the backed up physical machine as a VM (P2V).

This is more correct!

I´m back from holidays today and I hope to have soon some news because our new Nutanix "lab" cluster is arrived and shortly will be the right moment for product testing.

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Ciao @Piero! Thanks for the response. I see you are in a good hands of my colleagues :)

Happy testing and best regards!!