Nutanix - HyperV - iSCSI.

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Can someone advise if possible to present iSCSI block services from DFS to Hyper-V host running on Nutanix Cluster.
We have AOS 5 and we running Hyper-V 2012 R2 on our Nutanix Nodes.
This is to address problems with backup of VMs on SMB3.
Possible alternative:
Present iSCSI volumes from the underlying DFS to the Hyper-V nodes and migrate from SMB3 to iSCSI for VM.
Then we should be able to do full VM back ups??

Would love to hear opinions / experience / feeback on the above idea.

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Hi superfly77,

While technically possible, what you describe would fall under an unsupported scenario, so I wouldn't recommend it. Could you share what issues you're running into with SMB and backups? I know there are some limitations depending on the backup vendor (DPM for example with third party SMB).