Netbackup 8.1 Support AHV

  • 27 September 2017
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Netbackup 8.1 was released yesterday. One of the features is "NetBackup for Nutanix – Parallel, scale-out backups of Nutanix clusters".

Seems to only support full backups. There also is a requirement of a Linux backup host of client:
  • Backup_Host= The backup host must be a Linux machine. The backup host can be a NetBackup client or a media server.
  • Application_Server=

5 replies

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Netbackup has Plugin to interface to Nutanix cluster which is available as for Linux, as far as I know, it was supported on RHEL and SUSE, I will try on CentOS and let you know how it goes.

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I have upgraded our Solaris Master to 8.1. I'm wondering where to get the plugin.

From what I understand the plugin can be used on a Linux Netbackup Client.


The backup host it is mandatory to be physical machine or I can use a VMware VM?
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adding to @farhanparkar reply , i tried with the centos and it is working
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veritas support will also help even centos is not in there compatibility list