Migrate VMs from One Nutanix Cluster to another without Re-replicating Async Replication

  • 6 June 2018
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We are going to be migrating to a new Nutanix cluster but can not afford to re-replicate all data out to our DR Site. We are contractually obligated to provided a 1 hour RPO but if we have to re-replicate data out to our DR site this will take way longer then an hour. I know that replication can be set up in a mesh configuration but am unsure if we can migrate to a new cluster/site without having to re replicate data (how the mesh network works when migrating VMs between sites). To date I have found little data/information around Site to Multisite protection domains. does anyone know if this is possible?

1 reply

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Hi @jmotto

Check out the following support document Protection Strategies

In particular take a look at the one-to-many scenario

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