Looking for opinions/advice on PD strategy

  • 6 March 2018
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So what are people doing for Protection Domains, a few large or several small?

What I am wrestling with is the Migrate feature. I really like the ability to shuffle around VMs between our clusters (at separate locations). Balancing the workloads seems like a cool thing to be able to do. However, as best I can tell the Migrate function is all or nothing. This makes me think I should create a PD for each VM (more or less). Also, it seems a VM can be in only one PD.

I was wondering how others were setting up PD's? Do you have many small PD's or few large PD's, and why?



1 reply

Let me share my thoughts but may not be a perfect answer: Small groups first but can grow based on nature of VM's functionality (like 20 web VM's can go in single PD vs 2 DB's in smaller group but before your Web comes online)

PD - Group the top priority VM's AD/DNS/vCenter/AV/third party as first group to bring online (small group)

Later second group for DB/Messaging

Later third group all Web/App VM's

Later least priority VM's as one group

Based on number of VM's you are protecting and which is critical to restore first, makes your PD but can't be ONE BIG group.

Hope this information is useful