Limiting Protection Domain Size

  • 12 September 2017
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Hi Eeveryone

We are using PD replication every hour to our DR site. We are using VMware.

Our challenge is the size of the PD replications and the impact they have on our CVM CPU.
During PD, the 8cVPU CVM typically goes from 25% cpu to 100% cpu. On a 16 core node, this leaves very little room for workload.

So our mission it to reduce the PD replication size. One thought we have is somehow only replicate needed drives.

e.g. We have our Windows page files on a P-drive. Page files would constantly be dirtying and should therefore frepresent a large portion of our snapshot size. Is this correct?

Is there any way to exclude drives, files, etc from a PD?

Many thanks


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