Hyper-V image level backup issue

  • 21 November 2016
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Hi All,
I'm trying to take an image level backup on Hyper-V nutanix by Networker (EMC backup appliance).
It succeeds to backup the VM but fails to backup the config files and the below error shows up (Most probably it is a nutanix access issue):
suppressed 3077 bytes of output.Creating files/directories on container template for VC_FS_MPATH_MFILES backup.Backup of Hyper-V config files failed with error Unable to get size and security information for \?UNC**Container name**@{531954875}w-test-01Snapshots5445BBE0-9B98-4E91-814F-59035D01C282.xml, reason = The specified server cannot perform the requested operation...Save-set ID '2402477366' (client '** Client name ** ': save-set 'APPLICATIONS:Microsoft Hyper-Vw-test-01ConfigFiles') is aborted.nsrnmmsv: APPLICATIONS:Microsoft Hyper-Vw-test-012D20C6CE-9416-4F18-8D14-50E2863D5D62 level=full, 15 MB 00:02:56 1 filePerforming the cleanup of 'APPLICATIONS:Microsoft Hyper-Vw-test-01' to avoid inconsistency in the indexes for child save sets.139527 1479730675 3 0 0 10288 70132 0 chol-c1hv11.cirrus-me.com nsrnmmsv NSR error 51 The backup operation did not complete successfully. 0Removing files under temp path C:Program FilesEMC NetWorkersr mpmm2016-11-21_14-14-16_70132-10288.102333 1479730675 3 0 0 10288 70132 0 chol-c1hv11.cirrus-me.com nsrnmmsv NSR error 21 Exiting with failure. 0--- Job Indications ---Internal error. Save job failed, please refer to log file for more information.

N.B: User is Cluster admin and local admin on hosts.

I don't know ehat is the root cause of this issue and how to trace logs to have this sorted out.
please advise you have an idea in mind.


5 replies

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Pierre - Thanks for reaching out both here and on direct message. Note that you did have a duplicate post on here, so I've deleted that to concentrate responses here.

If this is extremely urgent, please file a support ticket on portal.nutanix.com if this is NX or SX gear, or with your respective OEM if this is XC (Dell) or HX (Lenovo) equipment and we can help you out.

I'd also recommend opening a ticket with EMC to get their NetWorker support to start looking at this issue.

Note that the community forums are not designed for any sort of SLA, so if this is truly urgent, please drive this through support as I mentioned above.
Did you find the resolution of this issue, we are facing exactly the same problem
We have the same problem. From what I understand, the problem seems to be with node changes. When a VM node change occurs, most backup solutions do not know what to do with it. It either ends in a Backup failure or VM corruption. Nutanix has released APIs for AHV but that is all. More are on the way from what I hear. Until then, I am still trying to find a stable backup solution.. Very scary.
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Hi Gary,
I have already fixed the issue and everything is working fine now.
Networker 9.1/Hyper-V over Nutanix SMB.

Let me know if you still need any assistance.

Best regards,
Are you using NetWorker as clustered client or standalone?
Have you understood what is the root cause for the error?