HYCU - Feedback Please

  • 9 October 2018
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If anyone is using HYCU to back up their AHV environment, please let me know your feedback.

1- Is the product good and acceptable solutions to back VM on AHV?
2- How was your restore experience, when you had to recover a VM or file or app data?
3- How is the support?
4- Is their documentation clear and easy to follow on any KB or DIY.

Thanks a Bunch

6 replies

POC'd it and wasn't a fan. Preferred and went with Rubrik. Far better solution IMO.
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Nick thanks for the comments on the question. Given that you prefer Rubrik, what do you think about Veeam in comparison to HYCU. I looked at Rubrik as well, but the price tag is a bit high for a SMB like ours.
HYCU isn't that much/any cheaper that Rubrik when you do the total TCO/ROI math on it. Def negotiate with rubrik they can go alot lower than their quoted and advertised absurd prices, make sure you are dealing with an actual rubrik sales rep and not a partner. The partners are the ones often getting greedy screwing the deals up. I would however do HYCU over Veeam but Rubrik over either of those any day.
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Thanks !!
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Let me know if you still need info about HYCU. Happy to answer any question.

Had spent some time looking at HYCU for our AHV -- decided to go with Storware vProtect instead.  Very simple UI and allowed us to integrate with our existing Spectrum protect environment to store the backups.  Much better fit for us.