How to change consistency group for data protected entities?

  • 11 December 2019
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I cant seem to find any info in the manual on how to manage consistency groups assigned to entities?


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6 replies

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Hello @ananix 

You can refer to the following guide to get in-depth documentation for Async DR.

Regarding your initial query.

If you want to remove any entity from the consistency group, you can select the entity and click on Unprotect Selected Entities to remove them from a CG. 

If you want to add entities, select the entity, add them to a new or existing CG and click on Protect Select Entities. 


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I did read that one but at the very best it only describes how you add entities to consistency groups not how to modify them.
In addition I also read but it does not cover consistency groups other than in NearSync and even here its about adding or deleting…

I know how to add and remove them, im wondering how to modify them.
What I understand from your reply is that it is not possible or do you mean i can shuffle them around in the “Update Protection Domain (Async DR): PROTECTIOM_DOMAIN” as much as i want before clicking next?
I dont wanna lose protection domain snapshots, i cant seem to find out what it does with snapshots if I remove it and add it again.
But maybe i dont take the “consistency group” phrase literal enough and it makes no sense to change consistency groups??

Maybe i should try and describe my scenario:
I Have two protection domains and they got mixed up and i dont want to use consistency groups, archived by adding a unique GC to each entity.



I just added Entity2c today and noticed the other ones where done wrong as they share consistency group with the entities in another domain :(

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@ananix I briefly tested what I thought you are concerned about.

I created a PD with CG and added two VM there. Then let it generate several local snapshots. and removed one of the VMs from it. And waited for the PD to generate more snapshots.

I also added the above deleted  entity to a new PD.

My observations are:

1- Removing Vm from PD (with or without CG) will keep all the old snapshots and you should still have the ability to restore each entity (including he deleted one) from the old snapshots (It allows you to generate a new entity or replace the present one even though the entity it self is not there).

2- Even if you remove all the entities from the PD you can still restore them from the PD snapshots.  


Hope this helps a little,





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Sure helps alot thanks for the work :)

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worked like a charm, you can juggle around as much as you want all history stay as is and other machines left in GC’s continue their routines.
One thing to notice though is that changes seem to take place immediately before clicking next so one should properly avoid closing mid-stage.

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@ananix I noticed that too, good point to mention, but I am glad this worked out.