DR strategy best practices

  • 10 July 2018
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Seeing what other people think here, as we are building out or DR strategy.
What we have is two clusters (Nutanix/AHV) each in different data centers. They are connected with a dedicated line provided by our ISP, so think of it is a really long 1g connection between 2 switches and on the other side of each switch is the cluster and other hardware. So we have two different external IP's, two sets of identical everything. We have a VPN to someone else coming from a (example) server IP.

My quesiton is what would be some good ideas and thoughts on my two different methods.
Method 1:
Keep the same IP's for everything and change the routing for external connections, update our external DNS and then have the VPN change external interfaces its looking for.

Cons: Since it is the same VLAN on both ends the vlan would only be able to be connected one site at a time and we would have to wait for them to swap to the other VPN.

Method 2: Have the protection domain Re-IP everything to a already existing network when it moves over.

Pros: The vpn would always be up and already be configured to allow connections from and, so this would basically not be an issue anymore.

Cons: Re-iping the AD servers sounds like a lot of problems, and how would AD/DNS (hosted on a windows AD/DNS server) work, or would all the entries and A records have to be manually changed?

Im am sure there is something i am overlooking, and any input would be nice.


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