Data Protection between VMware and Acropolis

  • 7 December 2015
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Currently Client is having Nutanix with VMware as hypervisor and planning to replicate VMs to DR that will running Acropolis. Can Data Protection support it? if Yes:
  1. How do we do it?
  2. What are the requirements?

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Funny you mention this, I was just about to post a blog on this topic. Here's the write-up I have so far, please let me know if it helps...

Acropolis base software 4.5 included several core features as first steps in fulfilling the vision of the Application Mobility Fabric (AMF) announced at the Nutanix .Next conference. One such feature is Cross Hypervisor VM Mobility. Cross hypervisor VM mobility provides a simplified means for replicating Nutanix based virtual machines between different hypervisors. This initial release with 4.5 provides support for replicating virtual machines from a Nutanix ESXi cluster to a Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) cluster. Cross hypervisor VM mobility can be used for various purposes including VM migration and creating test and development environments.
Cross hypervisor VM mobility leverages native Nutanix snapshots to replicate data between the clusters. Nutanix also provides a VM Mobility Installer for prestaging the required AHV drivers within the Windows based virtual machines to be replicated. The mobility process is very straightforward and includes the following high level steps:
  • Installing the VM mobility installer within the VMs to be replicated
  • Creating a Remote Site in each Nutanix cluster
  • Creating an asynchronous Protection Domain to replicate the required VMs
  • Restoring the replicated snapshot which registers the VMs in the AHV cluster
  • Configuring the networks for the registered VMs
More information on this process can be found on the Nutanix portal at the following link:

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Hi ,

thanks for the info. really appreciate it.