Commvault with Nutanix - Best Practices Checklist

  • 12 February 2021
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  • Use a Nutanix cluster external Data Services IP address when using IntelliSnap.
  • Install a VSA on every Nutanix compute node.
  • Install the MediaAgent software on all the VSA proxies.
  • Install CommServe and MediaAgent on a secondary Nutanix cluster to separate backup and production infrastructure to protect against failure.
  • Follow Commvault sizing guidelines.
  • Create a virtual server client proxy group for easier management.
  • When using IntelliSnap, colocate the MediaAgent software with the VSA.
  • With ESXi, when you add ESX hosts to vCenter, make sure that the format of the ESX host name matches the host name format in vCenter. For example:
    • If the host name format is short name, use short name to add the host to vCenter.
    • If the host name format is FQDN, use FQDN to add the host to vCenter.
    • If the host name is an IP address, use the same IP address to add the host to vCenter.
  • With ESXi, use NBD as the transport mode whenever possible.
  • With ESXi, configure the management network interfaces to use the 10 Gbps or faster NICs if available.
  • With ESXi, follow current Nutanix vSphere networking recommendations.
  • Ensure sufficient SSD space is available for the whole deduplication database when running MediaAgents as VMs for storage.
  • Set up a seal schedule for the deduplication database by following Commvault’s documented process.
  • If you’re using a Nutanix cluster as target storage, place MediaAgents and disk libraries on a separate secondary cluster.
  • Use DASH full backups and the incremental forever approach for low-transaction VMs.
  • Use IntelliSnap for high-transaction, high-SLA VMs.
  • Don’t take more than one snapshot per container every hour.
  • Thin-provision IntelliSnap VMs so they don’t consume additional space on restore.
  • Keep IntelliSnap VMs on their own separate container.
  • Limit VMs to 50 (or 3,200 files) on each IntelliSnap-protected container.
  • Follow the protection domain limits as documented in Data Protection and Recovery with Prism Element.
  • Make sure to apply the latest service packs and hotfixes from Commvault before deployment.
  • When using Nutanix replication with IntelliSnap, offset the replication by at least one hour from the Commvault backup schedule.

For more information, please refer to portal documentation:

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