Can Nutanix infrastructure create memory dumps from snapshots?

  • 12 July 2017
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I am an engineer with a security software vendor. We have a mutual customer that seems be experiencing system hangs on their vms in use on their Nutanix Acropolis platform. Admittedly I am not very familar with Nutanix as I mostly work with Vmware. These hangs are reportedly occurring after they upgraded our security product.

Vmware has a process where we can create snapshot files and convert them into a memory dump file. This is helpful for our troubleshooting effort when normally you cannot take any action within the vm image to force a dump.

I am trying to find out if the Nutanix Acropolis infrastraucture has any comparable capability. I will be suggesting that our mutual customer reach out to you as well, but am trying to inverstigate capability in parallel.

Your assistance and advisement is welcome.

David Alexander

3 replies

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I'll ask internally for you as I don't know but what OS is your appliacne running?
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Also check out KB 3108

check these logs and contact Nutanix Support or your Alliance memeber.
  • ~/data/logs/acropolis.out on the Acropolis Master
  • QEmu log on the host which runs the Guest VM (UVM logs in the AHV host --> /var/log/libvirt/qemu/{vm_uuid}.log)
  • ACLI Task log
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You can try to configure the guest to create a dump file on a persistent disk. After that, when the guest hangs, inject an NMI to it using virsh inject-nmi ( If the guest OS is Windows 2012 or later, it’s configured for NMI already. If it’s Linux, I’m not sure, but I suspect it must be setup.