Best DR solution ? for 1 cluster, 4 nodes, 100+ VM's,

  • 20 August 2018
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i have been looking into the different DR solutions that are available to use with Nutanix, but looking around there are a few pros and cons with each solution, however I'm getting my thoughts out for any advice from you folks, helpful hints that may point me to the best solution would be great ot any errors below that you see would be great.

Our estate is smallish but it will grow, cost is a major issue so keeping that down is essential, our setup is as follows, 1 cluster, 4 nodes at one site, backups currently run nightly on all VM's but are stored locally to your cluster,

we are unlikely at this stage to implement another cluster as what we have is sufficient but what DR solution is best for us ?

Brief: come up with a DR strategy that doesn't cost the earth and provides true DR on a budget

Remote cluster : ideal solution but too costly down to having to buy more tin
Metro Availability : same as above really, but i like the idea of this, if only we didnt need to purchase more tin.
CloudConnect - ideal as we use Azure, however it only stores the snaps\bakups offsite, not really a DR as you still need a working Nutanix cluster to use the backups in the result of a failure, any DR time would be dependant on how fast you can get Nutanix back working

3rdParties: (has anyone used these solutions in a DR scenario, any ideas about being cost effective or not)
Veritas NetBackup

are there any other options ?

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