Backup with Veaam to a single storage node cluster

  • 21 November 2018
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Hello Nutanix Community,

in AOS 5.8 is for ROBO single node cluster the Nutanix Files and Volumes not supportet.

In AOS 5.9 is for ROBO single node cluster only the Nutanix Volumes not supportet.

So with AOS 5.9 it would be possible to use Veeam repository (via Nutanix Files) as a target to a single node cluster?
Or is there another way to use the single node cluster as a target for Veeam repository?

2 replies

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Hello Dennis,

maybe some ideas to that:

If you can configure a CIFS Share on "NUTANIX Files" you can use this as a VEEAM Backup-Target directly.

As an alternative way you can create a Windows and/or Linux VM on the single node and give that VM local vDisks with enough capacity to hold your backups.
Than configure that VM as a proxy and/or repository server to VEEAM.
Advantage of this: You can use the native "DataMover" Service of VEEAM to transfer backup-data.

Keep in mind that you always need 2 "Backup proxy servers". One on the single node cluster and one on your datacenter cluster.

Hope that helps a little bit.

Yes, the ROBO site consists on two node cluster and the backup tagret is a seperated single node cluster.

Is it possible to run Nutanix Files on a single node cluster as a backup target?

It is currently 10 ROBO sites and there still additionally a Nutanix node with Windows server license would have to be acquired for backup. I would like to avoid that.