Backup VEEAM Protected VM's

  • 28 April 2021
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Hi Everyone,


I have a question about the “protected VM’s” in VEEAM for nutanix.

In the beginning, we had a problem with a Exchange Server logs. when the backup was complete with VEEAM for Nutanix the Logs from exchange are not truncated… The workaround was to create a new job directly on the VEEAM Server and configure the VSS to truncate the logs. It’s working fine! But the problem now is : the exchange server is in the Group of protected VM. When we try to delete from the protected VM group , the VM comes automatically in the group after 15min.


Anyone have an Idea? Because the problem is now we have 2 different backups of the same VM….


Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day


1 reply

Aurelius please advise whether you have been able to resolve this problem?

If not I might be able to give you some details to check, so please advise current status.

If you were able to resolve the problem, please do share your solution with the community.