Backup options from AHV to AWS/Azure?

  • 14 July 2021
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We are running our data center on AHV and would like to store backups in the cloud. (preferably archive tier). What options do we have? 


From my understanding, we can leverage the use of VTL’s in the form of AWS storage gateway or Starwind VTL to push our backups to the cloud, but since my knowledge of VTLs and cloud are minimal, I’m struggling to find how to accomplish this. Can someone point me towards articles that will guide me through this? Specifically, I’m not sure how to make that connection from Nutanix to a VTL or storage gateway. Would iSCSI be involved?


Any help would be much appreciated! 


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@RCSD You can use Cloud Connect feature available with Data Protection option in Prism Element cluster which gives you an option to configure AmazonAWS as a remote site for backup and restore operations. Kindly refer to the Asynchronous Replication using Cloud Connect Guide available in Nutanix Support Portal for more details about this feature along with its implementation. 


iSCSI needs to be involved since the VTL is exposed over iSCSI. These links should help you configure AWS Gateway and Starwinds VTL to your production environment
We have customers running Starwinds VTL for archive backups. You would need to install Starwind to your backup server host, create tapes and then create Veeam (?) backup jobs to the tapes on VTL connected over iSCSI. On the AWS side, you would need just a bucket. Connect Starwinds VTL to AWS bucket, configure the scheduler and it will offload tapes when you need it. That basically it, Veeam backups data to tape, Starwind offloads take to the bucket according to configured retention.