Async DR failback when source data were not destroyed

  • 23 May 2016
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I'm still digging into Async DR functionality.

As I understand, Async DR will replicate changed blocks from Site A to Site B at given interval from an active protection domain to an inactive protection domain.

Let's say now, I do a Site A shutdown to test the DR processes. I therefore activate site B protection domain, register the virtual machines, and boot them. So far, so good.

Now, I restart site A, and I want to fail back. I shutdown all virtual machines on site B and Site A (if any running), deactivate PD on site A, and setup replication from Site B PD to site A PD, and run a manual Sync.
Does this make sense ?

And will this copy only data changed since fail over occured ? or will it do a full sync ?

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yes, that sounds about right.

cluster should only replicate data blocks that have changed, assuming Site A is "still intact" and not rebuilt (which would be the case in a true DR situation, likely)