about resync dr snapshot and network question

  • 20 July 2017
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Hi Folks, I have left the community for a long time (about one year). I plan to implement backup old production nutanix cluster to a new cluster on another site, I go through the community and read some documents like dr best practice, I think the best practice guide is simple, not demenstrate detailed workflow and theory about dr , So can`t resolve my issue. questions: 1. Async DR: According the BT guide, a PD can contain many VMs from different Containers, and nutanix snapshot is based on per VM. so I`d like to know Where(which container) the snapshot file exists ? how to configure snapshot reserved space ? will snapshot space override normal data space ? if so, will it lead to container offline ? I know for traditional storage like netapp, snapshot is created based on volume and there will be a snapshot reserve space for snapshot files. but I don`t know the relative things for nutanix snapshot. 2. I`d like to know detailed IO and snapshot flow for DR, for example, whether nutanix will take a local snapshot first, then tranmit snapshot file to remote cluster, or just transmit increment data itself to remote, then create a new snapshot on remote cluster ? 3. document indicates nutanix cluster uses external IP(Prism VIP) for replication network, can`t create a dedicated new network for CVM ? because VIP is tipically a mgmt vlan, and can`t used for data replication 4. data protection PD has two types: Backup and DR I`d like to know which condition I should use backup type. I think DR is comprehensive then backup, no need for Backup type. Thanks in avance ! any response would be appreciated!

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