Xtract: How To Delete Hanged Migration Plans

  • 24 December 2017
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Hi ,

I have couple of migration plans created among them some are failed plans and they are grayed out , i cant delete them from web console.

Can someone help me to clear those failed plans?


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9 replies

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Hi mudassirkhan

Thanks for asking - maybe jlaunier might be able to add some insight.

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Hi aluciani,

Thanks! I'm looking forward...
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@mudassirkhan ,

If you have a migration plan that is in a bad state, I would suggest clicking into the plan first to see the status of the individual VMs. Make sure they are all either in the completed, aborted or discarded state first. once you do that, you should be able to go out to the main dashboard with the list of migration plans and click on the menu to delete the plan.

If that isn't working for some reason, you may need to open a case with our support team and have them take a look.
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Hi @jlaunier

Thanks for your reply, I cant click on the plan becausae its grayed out as if its disabled.

I will open a support ticket.
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Hi @mudassirkhan

Would love to hear how support helped solve your issue here on the forums. Sharing with the community does have a multiplier effect and will help others with the same issue. Thanks 👍
Yes please. Having the same issue, one is Discarded and the other completed. Cannot select it to delete the overall Xtract Plan.
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Hi @mudassirkhan

Any chance you can share how you were able to solve the issue with support? Thanks
reboot the xtract VM worked for me.