What's New with Nutanix AOS 5.5

  • 6 December 2017
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What's New with Nutanix AOS 5.5
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We recently released AOS 5.5, and it’s filled with new features and a whole lot of goodness. I wanted to highlight several items including a few tech preview features. I encourage you to download and start a discussion in our forums. Be sure to also label and tag your posts with AOS55.


  • Nutanix Calm: Allows you to seamlessly select, provision, and manage your business applications across all your infrastructure for both the private and public clouds. Nutanix Calm provides App lifecycle, monitoring and remediation to manage your heterogeneous infrastructure, for example, VMs or bare-metal servers.
  • Async Disaster Recovery with NearSync: The NearSync feature provides you with the ability to protect your data with up to 1 minute RPO. NearSync secure your data with minimal data loss in case of a disaster and provides you with more granular control during the restore process. The NearSync feature allows resolution to a disaster event in minutes
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V 2016
  • Network Segmentation: In an AHV cluster is a security feature that separates management traffic from backplane traffic by creating separate virtual networks, one for each of these traffic types, on the default external virtual switch on each host.
  • AHV Turbo Data Path: AHV Turbo replaces the QEMU SCSI data path in the AHV architecture for improved storage performance.
  • Support for vNUMA: AHV hosts support Virtual Non-uniform Memory Access (vNUMA) on virtual machines. You can enable vNUMA on VMs when you create or modify the VMs to optimize memory performance.

Tech Preview Features

  • Categories Support in Prism Central: Prism Central now supports the creation and assignment of categories.
  • Microsegmentation Policies in Prism Central: Prism Central now enables you to protect VMs from malicious threats that originate from within the data center and spread laterally from one virtualized workload to another.
  • Scale Out Prism Central: You can expand (scale out) a Prism Central instance to three VMs. This increases both the capacity and resiliency of Prism Central.

Note: Do not use tech preview features in production environments.

Where can I find more

You can browse the AOS 5.5 release notes and software documentation [login required] and also check out and continue the conversation on our community forums. Be sure to also label and tag your posts with AOS55. Stay current by subscribing to our blog. Also attend a local Nutanix User Group (NUG) meeting and hear from experts on AOS 5.5

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Please work with VMware to implement RDMA in conjunction with ESXi as well!!!