Welcome to the 2018 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)

  • 19 December 2017
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Welcome to the 2018 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)
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I'm excited to announce the 2018 group of Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC). This group of champions are IT professionals from every cloud, application and technology group. Their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise help their organizations and the virtualization community achieve more.

One of the exciting things to see is how others find strength and inspiration in the community. It may be that you're never presented in front of a peer group, or never blogged but with the support and belief from the community to help you along, you 'did it.' That's the power of community involvement.

I'm looking forward to another exciting year and learning from many of you. I will reach out to the members shortly. Take the time to get to know one another and congratulate each other on social media, use the hashtag #NutanixNTC and keep the conversation going.

Interested in learning how to get yourself positioned for NTC status in 2019 - ping me aluciani and let's work together.

Here are your 2018 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)!

Aaron Evanssn
Aidan Thomson
Andrea Mauro
Andy Morse
Antonio Amoroso
Ariel Davenport
Arjan Hendriks
Arnaud Alapaquette
AZRA Fabien
Bart Donders
Bart Van Praet
Bert van der lingen
Bilel kammoun
Bradley Burgess
Brandon Graves
Brandon Potter
Brett Ruth
budi ezeddin
Chad Phillips
Choffin Pierre-Lou
Chris Trent
Chris Weis
Christian Strijbos
Daemon Behr
Daniel Morris
Darrell Doty
Darren Ashley
Dave KAwula
Dave Strum
David Brett
David Nemeth
Dukagjin Maloku
Eduardo Molina
Eric Fourn
Eric Miller
Farhan Parkar
Francis MILLOT
Frederic Lhoest
Gareth Edwards
Gavin Sandie
Girard Cedric
Go Watanabe
Gregor Oliver Kol
Guy Defryn
Hernan Scavetta
Hiroki Ito
Hugh Devaux
Jake Fernandez
James Kilby
Jarian Gibson
Jason Chittenden
Jason Girard
Jeff Mercier
Jeffrey Mancini
Joao Castro de Souza
Joep Piscaer
John Sam George
Jon Barker
Jon Burns
Jorge de la Cruz
Josh Thow
Kelly Clemmensen
Ken Nalbone
Kevin Tijssen
Kyle Jenner
Larry Gonzalez
Leandro Ariel Leonhardt
Lev Goronshteyn
Lukas Klinger
Manfred Pichlbauer
Mark Vaughn
Mario Rielaender
Mathias Kowalkowski
Matthew Day
Mattias Sundling
Merritt Tracy
Michael Bates
Michael Drawbridge
Michael in 't Hout
Michael Kunkler
Michael PERES
Michael Wilmsen
Mike Dent
Mike Gelhar
Nathan Crisler
Neal Dolson
Nilav Mukherjee
Patricio Cerda
Pascal De Wild
Patrick Huber
Patrick Bingham
Paul Khosla
Paul Maddocks
Paul Woodward Jr
Peter Franz
Raj Patel
Ramy Mahmoud
Raphael Meyerowitz
Rene van den Bedem
René Bigler
Renny Lui
Ronnie Hamilto
Ross davies
Russell Cantwell
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Revord
Sachin Bhowan
Sagi Almog
Samuel Rothenbuehle
Scott Vartanian
Scott Osborne
Sean Massey
Sergio Delgado
Shane Kleinert
Sibo Attema
Simon Murdock
Stefan Riegel
Steve Elgan
Steven Orkisz
Sungho, Hwang
Syed Mutahir
Sylvain Casandjian
Tetsuo Miyoshimi
Thomas Dory
Todd Geib
Tony Allwood
Trond E Haavarstein
Veronica Petersen
William Beckett
William Fulmer
Wouter Kursten
Yash Mehta
Yon Ubago
Yves Sandfort

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Welcome aboard for the newcomers and cheers to the veterans ! 😉
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I'm proud to be part of this program and excited for the upcoming things in 2018.
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Great news - honored to be part of this great community again for the 2nd time in row!

Thank you aluciani and Nutanix
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Wow, what an honor! There are some really incredible folks on this list, and I'm proud to be among them. Thank you!
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Congratulations A-ARon !!! Kudos to you, pal!
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Congratulations NTC Achievers!

2018 Nutanix NPX Boot Camp Registration Page is Live:

Hope to see you all in 2018
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Congrats to all fellow NTCs! Hope to meet some of you again this coming year!
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Todd, Great Job! Congratulations.
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got the NTC designation for 2018. Its awsome.... :D

I am very excited about the upcoming year. And i hope to meet some of you out there.

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you

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Congratulations everyones. Thank you aluciani