VDisks and mapping to VMDK files

  • 28 April 2017
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Maybe someone can explain why the 2009 Stargate page displays multiple VDisks for a single VMDK file? It makes troubleshooting more difficult.

I have a Windows VM running on VMWare ESXi 5.5 with several drives attached to it.

This example has 20 or so VDisks for the same NFS File Name. They also have different VDisk ID, VDisk Name and VDisk Parent (only 3 samples are shown here):

This example from the same VM, different from above only has one VDisk ID for the NFS File Name and it matches the VDisk Name

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2 replies

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Hi davidfranco

I'm working on getting you some guidance on this - Thanks
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Hi davidfranco
You should focus on the vdisk ID mentioned in the table just below NFS master handle.
That's the active vdisk where read and writes will be happening.