Unable to access cluster container with Windows 10

  • 17 March 2016
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So it seems this is a pretty well known issue, not just for Nutanix, but any type of smb linux share and Windows 10. From what I've seen there are some 'workarounds' (that didn't work for me) disabled SMB v2/3 and some people say that works. I had tried that and it doesn't work.
Whenever I try to access the nutanix cluster's smb container, I get this error I get:

Invalid Handle

I'd really like to be able to access this container from my workstation, having to remote into a server to be able to move things around gets annoying. Anyone have an actual solution for this?

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6 replies

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Guessing you're running hyper-v?

Those shares arent meant to be connected to via a workstation.

Instead, we've got a very little known feature for SFTP'ing into a nutanix cluster, to do things like move files and folders around on the various containers, and so on.

If you SFTP to CVM-IP-HERE:2222 (port 2222), you should get the view you're looking for.

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also, FYI, that SFTP:2222 runs on the prism credentials.
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Yes, running Hyper-V. Is there no workaround or fix for it? I'd prefer to use the native Windows interface to be able map it as a network drive for ease. There's no issues with Windows 8 and below being able to access the container.
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Gut feel is something changed with client side SMB3 in Windows 10 (thats what we use on our side), so that it's blowing you up. As you mentioned windows 8 works fine (I've used that before to do what you ask).

Looks like you guys are a Dell shop. Put in a support ticket to Dell, and ask them to escalate to Nutanix. At worst, we'll get a bug filed with this information, and try to reproduce it and figure it out.
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Sounds great. I got my SFTP client setup and it'll work as a bandaid for now. From what I've been reading it's SMB4 trying to negotiate with SMB 3.1.1 which 4 doesn't support yet.
Hi, any update on this thread. Did you find a solution for this issue??