Trouble installing CE 2018.05.01 on Intel NUC using .iso installer

  • 2 August 2018
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I'm still chipping away at this but figured I'd get it documented. I have an Intel NUC with 32 GB of RAM and 2 x 512 GB SSD drives and am trying to install CE 2018.05.01 with no luck so far. At this point I've tried the ISO installer. Screen shot of the error follows.

Here's the results after pressing Enter to return to the login prompt as requested by the setup.

Just tried the .img based installer and was able to successfully install CE.

This is what I'm trying to replicate:

This is where I'm getting my installers:

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4 replies

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There are issues with the ce-2018.05.01 ISO installer. The IMG route seems to be the safer option right now.
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I would suggest you to use IMG installer, do as following:
Thanks for the suggestions. The .img installed worked just fine. Perhaps in the next rev they'll get the .iso installer working for my hardware.
Just jumping on the new .ISO here. I get similar issues at the same place although mine says it's related to the hdparm -z /dev/sda failed with reason BLKRRPART failed: Device or resource busy. I get various messages like you do on not properly unmounted (mine says sda1 though). I tried rescue, sda1 fsck is clean, can mount and unmount cleanly. Will go to the .img installer since that seems to be working.