Slow vmotion between Cluster vmware to nutanix

  • 10 November 2017
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Hi there,

I'm Marcello from italy, I deployed a cluster nutanix with frour nodes and esxi hypervisor, the cluster was joined to vsphere. Actually there are two 10 Gbit associated to this cluster, with 4 portgroup (vmkernel: vmk-svm-iscsi-pg, Managment Network, Vmotion, Fault Tollerance).

We have 84 Cluster but when i migrate (resource and storage), from a cluster esxi to nutanix the transfer is very slow.
I tested also another migrate from two cluster vmware, max time to complete is 15 minutes.
I'm a noob of nutanix i don't know what is the problem but is strange.
In attached the screenshot of throughput.

Thanks at all.
Mest Regards

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3 replies

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Hi mahnonsaprei,

Hope you are doing good.

This problem might occur because of how Storage vMotion is implemented within ESXi while using NAS storage (which includes datastores using NFS like Nutanix) and also Nutanix VAAI is not in effect or installed.

ESXi data mover isn't aware of thin provisioning which means, if a disk is 1TB and has 100GB used this process, it will read 1TB; it’s a low priority task within ESXi on purpose and non-tunable to avoid resource contention.

Please check this Kb:- which covers this issue in detail.

You can also check this blog by Michael Webster:- VMware Storage vMotion, Data Movers, Thin Provisioning, Barriers to Monster VM’s

Please let me know if you have any questions

Thank you

Best Regards,
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Ok i understand. Thank you very much for your support!
You're great

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Hi mahnonsaprei

Glad to help you!