Serial port on VM

  • 26 January 2016
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I want to be able to access serial port from within VM. How to setup serial port pass-through?
Does it work if I setup it as for KVM?


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4 replies

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Device pass-through can't really work without vm pinning to the hardware. You can likely hack the domain xml or use virtmanager but the next reboot you will be hosed. You would need a network accessible 232 to make it dynamic.
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Interesting topic. I have a need to occasionally manage an APC UPS via it's serial port. Only appliance in the facility is Nutanix w Acropolis; A NX-1365-G4, and also a CE test rig. So I can see a need there to pin a VM to one node and redirect the serial port to allow UPS management through the serial cable link. Pinning a management VM seems an efficient path to take if it can avoid an additional physical server. Is this a practical choice? Has anyone written a "how-to" for that? Cheers, Anthony Murfet.
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From an AHV perspective, this wouldn't work, as you'd have to do some modifications to the libvirt xml, and those changes are not persistent.

If you had VMW, you could potentially pass something through, but the better option would be some sort of serial over ethernet type device (like a virtual serial port concentrator), or if that UPS has a USB port, use a DIGI usb ethernet device
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I ended up with using socat on the host and binding serial port to the network. 😉