SCOM MP version 2 on Windows 2016 and SCOM 2016UR3

  • 10 October 2017
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The install for the new MP (version2) asks at the beginning to check for port issues by running the ipmiutil command.
The following comes back....What ports are needed for this to work, is it just 443 and 623?
Also in the pevious MPs we had to select Authentication (SHA) and Privacy (AES) Protocols for the RunAs account. Are these not needed with this MP?
John Bradshaw
C:Program FilesNutanix IncSCOMipmiutil-3.0.2-win64>ipmiutil sensor -N 111.222.333.444 -U XXX -P YYYipmiutil ver 3.02isensor: version 3.02Connecting to node 111.222.333.444ipmilan_open_session error, rv = -3ipmilan receive from BMC failedipmi_open error = -3ipmiutil sensor, receive from BMC failed

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3 replies

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For IPMI I believe UDP 623 is needed. I don't believe the run as account configuration is needed for the 2.0 MP.
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We have Nutanix with Dell XC hardware and we get exactly same ipmiutil error. Even locally run ipmiutil shows lots of errors on Dell XC hosts and exits before end.

=====0056 GetSDR error 0xc5 Reservation ID cancelled or invalid, rlen=00057 GetSDR error 0xc5 Reservation ID cancelled or invalid, rlen=00057 SDR Comp 02 6f 20 a 29 snum 65 CMOS Battery = 0000 OK0058 GetSDR error 0xc5 Reservation ID cancelled or invalid, rlen=00059 GetSDR error 0xc5 Reservation ID cancelled or invalid, rlen=0ipmiutil sensor, Reservation ID cancelled or invalid====

All other our Dell servers show all ipmiutil sensor data corrctly and complete the task successfully.

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Nutanix MP seemingly works, but eg. "User VMs Overview" lists all "User VMs" names, total memory etc. correctly, but many VMs are missing CPU usage(%), Memory Usage(%) etc. information. No common factor which VMs work or not.

Also getting enormous amount of Operations Manager event warnings.

Event ID 11052Module was unable to convert parameter to a double valueOriginal parameter: '$Data/Property[@Name='StoragePoolFreeStorage']$'Parameter after $Data replacement: '17 944,71'Error: 0x80020005Details: Type mismatch.
Event ID 31876Data item returned no information for parameter '$Data/Property[@Name='ClusterIP']$'This usually indicates that the query is incorrect.