Realtek network card

  • 29 January 2021
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Hi All,

First off a big thanks to everyone who helps make this community such a great resource, makes a huge difference to newbies like myself!

I’ve installed my first node using the ce-2019.11.22-stable.img image. My network card is a Realtek and I’m trying to get it working with the r8152 module. The card is detected but the system loads the cdc_ether module. I’m happy to compile if necessary but am running into problems since the kernel headers don’t seem to be in the default repo.

Has anyone faced a similar challenge and are there any pointers?

Many thanks,


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1 reply

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I’m testing a NUC alternative with a Realtek NIC and Ryzen CPU and I’m battling similar problems with the Realtek NIC not being recognized from an ifconfig standpoint.  I’ve tried adding multiple versions of Realtek driver, but don’t think I’m doing it 100% correctly.   Would love to see how this is done.