Quick ACLI question ... force?

  • 16 August 2015
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Is there a way to force acli commands rather than run them interactively?

e.g. - acli snapshot.delete mysnapname
Delete 1 snapshots? (yes/no)

Something like 'snapshot.delete -f ' would be handy.

Many thanks 😃

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4 replies

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See acli --help for the options.
Use -y option.
E.g., acli -y snapshot.delete vm1_snapshot
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Interesting. I tried help from within acli (i.e. at the command prompt) and it didn't mention -y or the other options. But you're right, issuing acli --help from the host command prompt does list those out. Many thanks.
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I filed a ticket internally to see about adding this to ACLI help. I can see both sides, why we would and wouldn't want to expose this in the general help, I'll see what engineering has to say about it.
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Btw quick update - we are fixing this based on the ticket I filed, thanks for pointing this out