Problems after node repair

  • 1 November 2017
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I'm using 4xnode Nutanix CE. After USB flash failure I've repaired one node.
But after that cluster does not want to transfer VMs to this node.
Also in Health checks, I've got:

Running : health_checks system_checks alert_manager_service_check[==================================================] 100%/health_checks/system_checks/alert_manager_service_check [ FAIL ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+Detailed information for alert_manager_service_check:Node Alert Manager Service is not availableRefer to KB 3377 ( for details on alert_manager_service_check or Recheck with: ncc health_checks system_checks alert_manager_service_check+---------------+| State | Count |+---------------+| Fail | 1 || Total | 1 |+---------------+
Logs -
Unfortunately, I do not have access to KBs.

I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue.

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4 replies

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A few people have seen that alert on CE, its not related

Have you tried moving VM's and they fail or are you expecting a rebalance after the node was repaired?

AHV wont move VM's unless there is a requirement due to resources based on contention

Nice article
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Thank you for the link to scheduling explanation!

I can move VMs manually, but was worried about alert.
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There seems to be a bug in CE version since many people have problems with ncc, I have responded to similar post HERE, you can try couple of things I posted I hope it helps. In article you refered to it basicly says try to run cluster start and check if alert manager service is running, if it doesnt contact support.
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I downgraded ncc manually, then ran ncc check and it helped.