Passed NPP 4.5 - Feedback

  • 11 February 2016
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Hi all, I passed the the 4.5 version of the NPP and wanted to provide some feedback as well as tips and tricks for those who may be preparing. First, hats off the Nutanix Education on the new coursework. The 4.5 coure on Mindtickle is night and day better than the 4.1 course! Much easier to navigate and digest what is being taught. Again, well done and thanks for putting in the effort.

The exam is 50 questions and you need 4000 to pass out of 5000 possible. The questions multiple choice (checkbox
adio button type). I didn't receive any drag and drop or true or false. Now that's not to say the pool of questions doesn't include these. Each question is worth 100 points. I appreciated that on the checkbox type questions you actually get partial credit for any portion of the question you got right. Each question shows you how many right answers there are. So on a four point multiple choose question with two right answers, you will see two checkboxes and an X. Again, getting one of the two options right nets you partial credit. I believe 40 points. Based on the questions I received, I would focus on:

-Log file types and format
-Data protection (CGs, PD, replication etc.)
-Various dashboards
-Storage Managment
-Cluster Config and Troubleshooting

Remember to read each question carefully as there are some trick ones in there. I actually failed the exam the first time around with a 3910.. yep one question! Argh! Second time around I was able to get a 4400 with a mostly new pool of questions. I actually received the same question twice in the same sitting which I thought was funny. And there were a few typos on another question. So a few QA items to address which as of this writing are likely already resolved. Speaking of funny, there was one multiple choice question that had four possible answers and four options to chose from. I appreciate the easy giveaway and it made me chucklbut it put me off for a second to process that I was being given the right answer.Now granted it was pretty common sense type question.

Finally, I would not rely solely on the course to pass. I also used the resources below. Of course having the ability to get your hands on the equipment helps, but don't let that stop you. Get the Community Edition and start getting hands experience today.

-Nutanix Bible
-Nutanix DocumentationTech Notes YouTube Channel

If you passed, you will see an option in the upper right corner to dowload your certificate which looks like this:

Good luck!

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13 replies

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Thanks for the feedback 

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Hi jjdurrant,i've just tried the exam, right after the course, with a poor result.Following only the 3 sections course is not enough for me because i've found some uncovered questions.I would like to give an additional suggestion to who wants to try.Even if is right, you will get partial credit for multiple choices questions, you should be careful.If your first choiche is wrong, the question will be auto resolved and you will obtain 0 points.At least that's what's happened to me.So, if you want to obtain partial credits, you need to be careful, read well and choose at first the answer you think is sure.Good luck!
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Sorry to hear.. were you able to give it a 2nd shot?
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i'll try 2nd asap, as you know this exam needs at least two weeks of study and a bit of practice even if you're very skilled.
I've followed the online course without seeing videos, it tooks one day an half throughout so the first try was to view how it works and how much i'm lucky :D
I'm on the bible now and I'm confident to pass it soon, i'll let you know abt it.
Of course any suggestion is welcome.
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2nd shot yesterday
4940/5000 really not bad
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I passed the 4.5 exam as well, have any of you all received the NPP certification polo or other Nutanix certification swag? I did get an email with a link to download the certification, but did not get a welcome pack or polo, is this correct?

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Hi Marco, i guess i'm right saying you will get a polo after NPSR exam, a zip pullover after NPSS and a backpack after NPSC...passed of course :)

With NPP, NPSE, NCC there are as far as i know.
After NPP you'll be able to access Nutanix Sizer from Nutanix Gatekeeper (
Some admin could probably confirm or deny that.
Welcome into the NPP world 🙂
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I have one question for you... When you go to page "Your certifications", can you see your certificate and share it on LinkedIn?
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It's all i can see atm
but you can still publish on Linkedion your certs using links at the bottom of my certificate page

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for reply. But I still can't see my certificates. And when I clik on that button to publish on LinkedIn, it redirects me to LinkedIn but text boxes are empty...

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i guess your best shot could be to write a support request to, ask them about your issue.
Have a nice day
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Thank you, but I have allready done that, still waiting them to solve my issue. My college has same problem and he passed 20 days ago, but nothing is showing on Your certificates page...
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yes its true answering the questions is in a minesweeper format 😃 , one wrong question at the beginning and it blows up, so for everyone having his examination i suggest to start with the most familiar answers and leave those whom you don't know about as a last resort.